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23 March 1940: Pakistan Resolution Day

23 MARCH 2022 (Pakistan Resolution Day)

23 march 1940, Resolution Day Quotes and Wallpaper Free Download

23 MARCH 2022(Pakistan Resolution Day)
23 March 1940 (Pakistan Resolution Day) is the national holiday in Pakistan every year. The reason that it has such great importance in the lives of the people of Pakistan is that it laid the foundation for the basis of achieving a separate nation for the rights of Muslims of the subcontinent (India).

The subcontinent was ruled by the Great British Empire (which is also called crown rule) for over two centuries (1747–1947). The Muslim League leaders believed that the Muslims of the subcontinent were subjected to becoming a minority even after the independence of the Indian subcontinent. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the great Muslim philosopher, Poet. Allama Iqbal, knew that the Muslims would not be able to protect their cultural and religious rights once the British Empire rule ended. The Muslim leaders knew that Muslims and Hindus had different beliefs and cultural values. They wanted separate political and socio-economic values. 

23 March (Pakistan Resolution Day) The resolution was passed by the working committee of the All India Muslim League. After this resolution and the many struggles of the All India Muslim League and the prayer of Muslims, the almighty “Allah” gave the reward, which resulted in the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on August 14, 1947—the world’s first Islamic Republic country.

The Significance of Minar-e-Pakistan: Celebrating the 23 March 1940 Pakistan Resolution Day

Miner-e- Pakistan is also called the National Tower of Pakistan. It is located in Lahore. Miner-e-Pakistan is the identity of 23 March 1940, Pakistan. The story of Pakistan Resolution Day is very important, and we will never forget this day. It is also a historical place in Miner-e-Pakistan.
In the conference (ijlas), Pakistan should be a separate country; two nations are living here: one is Muslim and one is Hindu. Muslims wanted to separate countries. They could live their lives easily because they knew that Hindus would let them worship.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah traveled to the subcontinent from abroad and joined the All-India Muslim League. He comes to know that Muslims require separate countries. Where they live with their Islamic thoughts, culture, and tradition In this way, he calls the All India Muslim League at Dehli for a great gathering (ijlas).

23 March, Pakistan Resolution Day. According to this ijlas, Muslims are no minority because Muslims are a proper nation that needs a separate country.
It was the very first day when Indian Muslims of the subcontinent (IndoPak) came to know about the importance of gaining an independent country, “the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” All the youth have an idea and a working agenda and start chasing their achievements. After lots of struggles, handwork, and scarification, after 7 years, we got the award with the beautiful homeland “Pakistan” (alhamdulillah).

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