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Time is the thing that can never be retrieved after it has been gone. In first-world countries, where life expectancy is quite high, a person's average life span is barely 2.4 billion seconds or 75 years. In third-world countries, the situation is worse. Unfortunately, most individuals do not appreciate the value of time until they are in their older years. Trust that has been destroyed can be repaired; money that has been lost may be regained; and an opportunity that has been missed can be replaced with a new one. Time, on the other hand, is lost forever once it is lost. Time is a precious thing that never stops for someone; it's always in motion. Whether they are, poor, rich, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, man, woman, or kid, it is the same for them all. It depends on the people whether they waste their time or use their time to fulfill their dreams or achieve their goals. If a person wants to succeed in something, he must do it on time; otherwise, he will not be able to achieve his goal because time waits for nobody. Some people don't understand the value of time; they stay asleep and wake up after time goes by. We have all heard the proverb "time and tide wait for none," and this is the best-suited proverb, as the tide does not wait for anyone in the same manner as time does not wait for anyone. Its value is unfathomable, and its power is inestimable. A minute is enough to win a victory; a fraction of a second can make the difference between life and death. Once time crosses the threshold of the past, it never returns again to the present. Once time goes by, it's lost forever.


Time is changing alongside individual ways of life occupation societies and all the other things that make our reality in spite of the fact that we can never rigorously anticipate the future and where we are going there surely have been numerous endeavor at it. So what does the future have coming up for us at any rate flying vehicles levitation and incredible gadget conceivably perhaps we’ll even turn into the state of the art existence gaining total harmony that’d be exhausting in any case before you get all overjoyed about buying an iPad that give telephone web and transportation benefits however it will make you a sandwich also truly can template what to come there will be serious changes our populace will increment at an uncontrollable rate.

We will build advanced cities that grow larger and gain significant power. However, this could lead to severe pollution unless we find ways to mitigate it. For instance, instead of cutting through rainforests, we can explore solutions to preserve these areas. It’s predicted that cars will be equipped with auto-drive technology, using radar and GPS units. You simply tell your vehicle where to go, and it will take you there effortlessly. Imagine the benefits!

Towards the Future in Time: A Visionary Journey

Consistently new innovation shows up going from scaled down CDs that contain whole reference books to monster space telescopes that can send photos of inaccessible star’s book to earth . Innovation has the best effort on the everyday lives of normal individual. “At this point, we can address and manage privacy concerns without requiring individuals to leave their homes. Every person with sufficient funds can explore space. Over the past hundred years, scientists and innovators have accomplished the greatest surge of scientific and technological advancement.