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EID-UL-FITR, meaning “feast of the breaking of fast,” is a religious event celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It falls on the first three days of Shawwal, determined by the Islamic calendar. The date varies in the Gregorian calendar and depends on the sighting of the new moon by the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and local religious committees. Muslims globally celebrate the first day of this holiday as it concludes the month-long fasting of Ramadan from dawn to sunset. It’s known by various names in different languages and countries, including
On the first day of Eid -ul -Fitr worldwide Muslim has perform particular salat which depends on the two rakat and six takbirat and generally its perform on large hall or big ground. after performing the nafils. Muslim meets each other with greeting and celebrates with food and holidays.

The almighty Allah give Muslim the bless month of Ramadan Kareem. In this month he give a lots of blessing and happiness for Muslim. Muslim was happy when the month is coming toward them .every Muslim was try to confess their bad deeds .after the time pass the Ramadan Kareem is going to end. Muslims feel upset as Ramadan Kareem ends, and the last Jumma of Ramadan Kareem is called JUMMAT-UL-WIDA. On the occasion of JUMMAT-UL-WIDA, all Muslims feel deeply saddened.
End they prayer that for themselves that Allah give him again once chance to enjoy the Noor and blessing.

EID-UL-FITR 2nd Day Mubarak Wishes WhatsApp Status Free Download

EID-UL-FITR 2nd DAY is an important event in Islam and it is celebrated once time in a year. This major celebrations fall at an important time according to the Islamic hijiri calendar. Muslims commonly refer to Eid ul Fitr as Eid or sweet Eid. Although the habits are mostly similar in both events, there is a vast difference between the reasons for their celebration. Muslims around the world are all set to celebrate Eid ul Fitr between May 3 and May 6.
Eid ul fitr literally means a feast of breaking of the fast. According to the Islamic calendar, Muslims actively celebrate it on the first day of the month of Shawwal. It actively lasts for approximately three days of Shawwal. On this day, Muslims actively help poor people in the form of cash or groceries, which is also actively called Zakat.
On this day. Everyone savors and shares the sweet dish called sawaiyan (vermicelli pudding) with friends and family during the feast. On this day, adults in the family give gifts to children and donate to the poor, a practice known as sadqa.