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Lightning & Thunder Quotes and Precautions

Lightning silent, Lightning strikes, Lightning does the work. Whenever thunder roar but even then thunder take the credit. Because people afraid by thunder sound

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After the rainy seasons, the weather is very beautiful, but when lightning strikes at night, it’s not easy to see because lightning is so incredible. The process of Lightning Precautions in the clouds usually occurs between a negatively charged thunder in clouds and positively charged surface of the earth. The most dangerous form of lightning in clouds to ground. Lightning Precautions, It can becomes the cause of damage property and fire. Light is a discharge of atmospheric static electricity resulting in a flash of light in the sky. This flash of light ranges from few kilometers to about 150 Km in length . When light jumps from one cloud to another, the clouds light up. This is called sheet lighting . Lighting can be red, blue, yellow or White in color.
When the charged clouds due to discharged to the ground then create the light process .It’s a natural phenomenon it’s develop on that time when the upper atmosphere become in unstable situation due to the convergence of a solar heated, warm and vertical air column on the upper air Mass cooler. when the lightning discharged by the naturally occurring electrostatic condition in to the ground then the atmosphere equalize theme.

Rain, Lightning Precautions

The water droplets fall from the clouds are called rain. A monsoon is a rainfall season which lasts for few weeks every year. Monsoon rain are common only in some countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It rains heavily up to 26 meters during Monsoon season. When the heating of land on daily basis in the summer that it can bring a sea breeze on coast as evening cooling sets in a Monsoon with a reversal of wind direction system from off the land.

The climate of monsoon are the characterized by dramatic season. The direction of prevailing winds changes, indicating the sign of rainfall and major winds. This leads to distinct, predictable wet or dry seasons. During the monsoon season, the land heats up and cools down faster than bodies of water. This creates a pressure difference that influences wind flow. Monsoons are often associated with heavy rain, but there is a dry phase in the winter. Annual rainfall can exceed 600 mm. About 60% of the world’s population lives in regions influenced by the monsoon climate.

The best-known monsoon affects much of South Asia.The Indian monsoon also referred to the south West monsoon as compare as the Asian summer monsoon. It is an interaction of topography and meteorology on the highest of scale. When major winds come to the atmospheric changes that people take positions on safe places before the monsoon rains arrive.

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