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Environment Quotes and Wallpaper | Nature Quotes

Environment is the elements that contribute to the creation of an ecosystem in which living creatures, including people, can thrive. Scientists have now confirmed that Earth is a valuable planet in the universe. Our ecosystem works as a protective shell that protects all living things on the planet today. There are both living and nonliving creatures in our world. Non-living items include air, water, and land. Humans are by far the most powerful organisms on the planet.

Environmental cleaning
Trees provide numerous benefits, including clean air and a home for millions of species. Wood items such as paper, timber, and paper products, on the other hand, continue to rise in popularity around the world. This has resulted in deforestation, endangering endangered species, ecosystems, and trees’ ability to produce oxygen. Plants and trees provide benefits to us in a variety of ways. They perform photosynthesis, which produces oxygen, absorbs dangerous gases from the environment, purifies water, and minimizes flooding risks. Furthermore, we’d like to point out that the institution ensures that the environment continues in its current state.

Advantage of Clean Environment

There are many advantages to clean environments, which help humanity in many different ways. These are the subsequent advantages of clean environments.


Diseases like typhoid, malaria, and diarrhea are caused by an unclean or dirty environment. These sorts of diseases, which cause harm to the human body, are very dangerous. An environment is useful to the human body, and a healthy environment protects the body from infectious diseases.


The mindset of an individual is profoundly influenced by their surrounding environment. Whether it’s negative or positive, the surroundings shape thoughts and actions accordingly. Negative surroundings breed negativity, impacting behavior and mindset adversely. Conversely, a clean, healthy, and positive atmosphere fosters a positive mindset.


When you are in a clean, good, and healthy environment, it changes the personality of a person due to the clean and positive atmosphere you live in, which makes you feel good, positive, and active, which helps to spice up your confidence.

Disadvantage of Unclean Environment

An unhealthy and unclean environment can damage our environment very seriously. It can destroy a whole ecosystem. Many factors are involved in damaging the atmosphere . Like the death of plants and animals, pollution of air and water, damage to the earth, and fast-spreading diseases.


Reason like pollution and diseases it become more dangerous for the living organism .


Air and water pollution can cause many changes in the environment, which can be harmful to living things and the earth. It can cause the soil such damage that it will not be able to grow any type of plant ever again.


An unclean and unhealthy environment can spread diseases that not only put human life in danger but also the lives of other living things like plants, animals, etc. These are the disadvantages of the atmosphere .