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Overcoming Challenges: Transforming Thoughts, and Moving Forward

“Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts”

“Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts”


All historical and philosopher agreed to the universal truth that:

It revolves around in simple idea that: what our mind thinks has right focus, but sometimes it can trouble if it’s not controlled. However, almost no one in this world thinks about mind.

Whenever we try to focus on positive things. It brings all the negative thoughts in it, which affects your life harshly and make it troubles, and that point you realized that it’s not others troubling you, it is your mind that is bothering you. What you think is related in parallel it how you behave and how you feel. Like if you feels sad you behave sad and makes mind go slow.

The Secret to Living a Happy Life:

“Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts”. They discovered the secret to living a happy, purposeful and productive life. We live in a world of thoughts.

Our thoughts create experiences, and we experience what we think. When we’re unhappy you changes the whole environment. So be happy and joyful so the behaviour will be nice and polite with others or with yourself too and you feels so calm.


It is a man’s own mind, that lures him to evil ways societies have set standards of behaviour, because without standards any individual’s savage thoughts and instincts can overcome.

People Run into the Trouble:

People run into trouble when they get stuck listening to the mind, rather than being out in the world and noticing that sometimes the mind isn’t correct about what it thinks.

Humans, and the brains, have evolved such that we are capable of language, something that other mammals don’t have. Our ability to speak, think abstractly. It’s function is to help us to avoid making the same mistakes so, that we are physically and mentally safe.

Your Past Wasn’t What You Wanted It to Be, but That Doesn’t Mean Your Future Can’t Be Better: Thoughts on Overcoming Challenges

Phase of life:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a secret, today is an endowment of God. Which is the reason we refer to it the present as. Life must be seen in reverse; however it should be lived advances. “When we are drained, we are gone after by thoughts we vanquished some time in the past.”

Time doesn’t correct:

Time doesn’t correct fiery torment, you want to figure out an acceptable method for giving up. In the event that you really want to fly on the sky, you need to leave the earth.

The joyful second in life:

Probably the most joyful second in life is the point at which you track down the fortitude to relinquish what you can’t change. There are things that we would rather not occur yet need to acknowledge. Things we would rather not know yet need to learn, and individuals we can’t survive without however; need to give up.

Don’t live in the Past:

Living in the past permits old ways to remain open, and new ways to stay shut. On the off chance that you can never really relinquish what’s as of now done. Basically, at that point, you’re not permitting yourself to have a superior present or a superior future. What we merit and really want in this life is valid satisfaction.

Interruption Technique:

Utilize an Interruption Technique. This is the place where you shock your psyche out of the over. The top example, by pondering something different, moving your body around, giving your cerebrum another errand or in any event, etc. Re-compose the account of the previous occasion.

Don’t let yourself drown in fears, the sea is beautiful deep down. Swim to survive, learn from past and move on

Motivation to move on:

Motivation is necessary to move on. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you have to experience some form of emotional pain in the past. Something that happens to everyone but this does not mean that we have to continue on it. The past is not something that we can go back and change so, yet many people end up spending more time on thinking about their past than the future.

Let go of the past:

However, letting go of the past is not an easy process as it is often easier to a familiar pain. It is not an overnight process, but learning to let go is the only process to move out of the past and into the present as well as future.

Everyone in this world has many difficulty and people stuck in their past for so long and never comes to the present and enjoy the day of today or upcoming. They should enjoy the present and forget what about the past was because, we can change the present or future but past will never change.

So, enjoy making your career your dreams or achieve the goals of life and never look back how much harden or pain you faced while becoming a better person.

People used to move on from the period of sorrows and enjoy the joy of life. Don’t let yourself drown down or degrading in your own fears, you should survive it by you own and move on. Life goes on as it never ends.

Accept That the Past Is Over:

Regrets, angered, guilt, relationships. There are many things in our past that can cause pain, and make us wish that; we could go back and do things differently. First step is, learning to let go of the past, is to accept that it is over and that there is no way for us.

It means accepting that it happened. Part of accepting that the past is over is also making to let go. Letting go, it must be a commitment to stop reliving the pain, and to stop thinking of all the details that have done. Without this commitment it is much harder.

It also helps us to look at the past from a different way or more a positive angle. For example, give yourself the credit for getting through the hard time and you survived it very well.

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