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Reflections on Resilience and Contextual Philosophy

“Every pain is temporary, be strong and have patience”

Every pain is temporary, be strong and have patience


Pain is brief. It might most recent a moment, or 60 minutes, or a day, or a year, however ultimately it will die down and something different will have its spot. Assuming that I quit, notwithstanding, it endures everlastingly. So, when a marriage is finished, you’ve stopped.

We want the vibe of agony to tell us when our bodies need additional consideration. It’s a significant sign. Whenever we sense torment, we focus on our bodies and can take more time to fix what harms. Torment additionally may keep us from harming a body part considerably more.

Importance of Pain:

You don’t assemble muscle tone by harming yourself. Getting by and recuperating from self-hurt requires inward strength, and somewhat, internal strength is natural. Subsequently, harming yourself doesn’t make you more grounded or more vulnerable, so far as that is concerned.

Here and there you should sting to be aware, fall to develop, lose to acquire in light of the fact that life’s most prominent illustrations are learned through torment.


Persistence is characterized as “the ability to acknowledge or endure deferral, inconvenience or enduring without becoming irate or vexed,” a definition with a few significant parts. Tolerance is additionally an ability. We can deal with expanding our capacity to be patient and take part in practices to turn into a more persistent individual.


Tolerance isn’t the capacity to stand by, yet the capacity to keep a decent disposition while pausing. One moment of tolerance, a decade of harmony. With adoration and tolerance, the sky is the limit. Tolerance and tirelessness have an otherworldly impact before which challenges vanish and obstructions disappear.

Persistence is an ethical temperance, since it adds to satisfaction and living great. Standing by mindfully includes knowing when it’s our chance to act. Holding up without protest helps us not disdain the pausing, and it assists us with going about our business competently when it’s our move.

Every philosophy is the philosophy of some stage of life

Life has different stages or Phases and every phase of life must give us a lesson to build up for next stage. some phases of life give us happiness or some give us pain but every phase prepare us for next stage. when human come in this world it is his first stage, when he is crying in someone’s arms and can’t do anything by itself. Then he became a school going boy when he is unwillingly to school. He lives in an imaginary world then his next phase is a young boy when he become a lover.

Inside him it is a desire in his heart for something and the desire can be for anything, then he become a struggling man when he is doing struggle for his future, for his family and he has some motives, some goals for his life and in this phase he already learned many lessons from his past and he knows that the meaning of life is keep trying and never stop. And then he enters in his last stage when he start becoming weak day by day and depending on others. But whenever we go through a bad phase in our life. We should must remember that problems and worries are temporary and it must give us some lesson and support to move on in our life.

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