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Help Others, Give Charity, and Avoid Hurting Hearts: Guidance from Hazrat Ali (R.A) and Al-Bukhari

“Help others Allah will help you, forgive others Allah will forgive you…..”
[Hazart Ali (R.A)]

Help others Allah will help you, forgive others Allah will forgive you.
[Hazart Ali (R.A)]

Learn to forgive People because God loves forgivers. The biggest mistake man makes is that man does not forgive and he expects from God that God will forgive him. It will not happen until man forgives, so we should not deprive the servants of Allah of their rights, nor should we hurt them. He said: If you wake up even today, your honor will be diminished by thinking, then take it from me on the Day of Resurrection. Islam commands us to forgive man. Learn to forgive man. Forgiveness is most pleasing to Allah. Learn to forgive others as you would expect from the one above…..

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

If you wake up and think today, your honor will be diminished, then take it from me on the Day of Resurrection. We are commanded in Islam to forgive man. More than favorite. Learn to forgive others as you would expect from the one above. How much do we like forgiveness in the way of Allah, so we should get in the habit of forgiveness.

Learn to forgive people mistakes.

It will be more valuable. From this we know that we do not delay in ending our relationship, which is why we have evil in our heart and do not forgive, which is also the reason that one cannot speak right, one cannot understand right. Due to which there are distances in the relationship If it is related as a provision, then it is made basic, then the blessing is gone. Forgive this dust,

Helping People: A Path to Pleasing Allah and Earning Rewards

Before you meet in this dust. Helping human beings is very much pleasing to Allah. You can be reconciled between two people by giving help. You can also visit someone by seeing them, which makes Allah very happy. He who makes people’s difficulties easy in the way of Allah. We should help our people. In Ramadan we arrange Sheri Iftar. This is also help and it has a lot of reward.

Protect your self from hell fire even by giving a piece of dates as charity.
[Al Bukhari]

Giving Arms:

Salam greets us to help the poor orphans helpless people Rich man orders to give zakat from his money Giving alms’s blessed Man is saved from evil calamity Man is saved from sudden calamity One should make a habit of giving charity in one’s life before doing it. Even if it is only ten rupees, it is a powerful thing. Which averts death. If you give alms, it is a good thing, and it is better for you, and Allah will remove your sins. And Allah is aware of what you do. The message of Allah Almighty is: O son of Adam, I will continue to give you my earnings from my treasury in the circle of pride on my needy.

You can see your parents, brothers and sisters smiling. It will increase so much when you come out of the poverty of the world and if there is no way out, then you can trade in the way of Allah by giving. You give in the way of Allah. Giving alms opens one of the gates of paradise for man, through which he will enter paradise. Should always pray for the betterment of themselves. Allah knows best.

Worship and holiness have their place, but no one gets heaven by hurting people’s hearts

Hurting People’s Heart:

There is a strong emphasis on hurting people’s heart in Islam.

Verse on Hurting People:

“And those who hurt Muslim men and women, without them doing anything (wrong), have burdened themselves with false accusation and open sin.”

[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 22, Surah Al-Ahzaab, Ayah 58)

Narrated Abu Musa:

Some people asked Allah’s Apostle, “Whose Islam is the best? i.e. (Who is a very good Muslim)?” He replied,

“One who avoids harming the People’s with his tongue and hands.”

The significance of the heart in Islam:

In Islam it can’t be put into words. As Allah alludes back to the heart over and over all through the Quran, to show us; how strong the heart is in the existences of humankind.

Scientifically proven:

As of now neuro-researcher are letting us know that; the Emotion has more control over a people activities than; the insight. The insight is the objective brain, and the heart controls the emoitional state.


The Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him) informed us in a Hadeeth:

“Indeed in the body there is a peace of flesh, if it is reformed, the whole body becomes good, and if it is spoilt, then the whole body becomes spoilt. Indeed it is the Heart.”

[Sahih Al-Bukhari]

Profound Capacity:

This shows us the feelings plays a significant part in the body, something beyond the actual capacity of siphoning blood. It has a profound capacity that influences the spirit.

Therefore; from all these things it is clear that the heart of a person is so important in his life and we hurt the feelings of the people by our words and hands.

Similarly; they hurt then, they worship, give alms and think and consider themselves virtuous. While there is no forgiveness for the one who hurt people.

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