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جفا جو عشق میں ہوتی ہے وہ جفا ہی نہیں
ستم نہ ہو تو محبت میں کچھ مزہ ہی نہیں

جفا جو عشق میں ہوتی ہے وہ جفا ہی نہیں
ستم نہ ہو تو محبت میں کچھ مزہ ہی نہیں

What is said in this poem?

In this Poem Iqbal talk about the love and it’s intensity of love and love which is long lasting among people. The love comes with anguish and pain which makes the love more lasting as well as more intensified. The promise for love cannot be fulfilled without pain or obstacles which arose in the path of love. According to him, love is something not which fulfill until you have suitable circumstances.

What is Love?

Love is something which you pursue in the harsh and unpleasant situations. When everyone against your reality. And you neglect those ideas and fulfill your commitment of love with your partner. Means some situations people need to go against their traditional norms, relatives and people of society.

کبھی یوں بھی ہو ترے روبرو ، میں نظر ملا کے یہ کہہ سکوں
میری حسرتوں کو شمار کر ، مری خواہشوں کا حساب دے دے

What is Said in this Poem?

In this poetic verse Amjad Islam discuss his emotions of mourning over the person whom he love, left him. And Amjad Shahab has willing to tell his beloved that how he felt when you left me in middle of the way. I want to tell you my desires and meet you and also want to sit in front of you like we sit before separated. I want to ask you why you break my heart and give me a lot of pain, tell me with eye contact.

He further says that which things he faced because of his beloved he really wants to tell her so that she can feel guilty on pain which she given to me. He said give back my previous happy and joyful days and my adorable life which I spent before. But you destroyed my desires and made my life miserable. So he become in worst condition. And conclude all my wishes and desires which I make for you. you have not count until yet and give back my wishes and my joyful time.

رات یوں دل میں تیری کھوئی ہوئی یاد آئی

جیسے ویرانے میں چھپکے سے بہار آ جائے

What is Said in this Poem?

Tired of the day when we get home. So the heart wants to just lie down on the bed and sleep takes us in its arms. We get so tired that the heart is exhausted from the world due to fatigue. If we have to go to a function somewhere, our heart does not want us to go because of fatigue. For our readers we have many more poetry urdu images free download.

Reason For Being Angry With Your Partner :

In the same way, when we love someone and for some reason, we can’t talk to that person, we are restless all day long. Now the reason could be anything. Sometimes it happens that the person is not faithful to us, then we try to distance ourselves from that person. And sometimes it happens that because of something we get angry with that person. So we don’t talk to this person because of our anger.

زندگی میں یہ ہنر بھی آزمانا چاہیے
جنگ کسی اپنے سے ہو تو ہار جانا چاہیے

What is Said in this Poem?

First of all we would like to tell you that we have free images for you to download. In this poem the poet is describing his failed love in such a way that this life is a test and full of trials day and night is a test, there is disgrace sometimes humiliation there is peace sometimes there is anxiety sometimes there is victory Sometimes there is a hall, sometimes there is someone, sometimes there is a distance, sometimes there is comfort, sometimes there is a test, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes the heart is sad, sometimes the path is easy, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes there is friendship, sometimes there is enmity, sometimes there is love, sometimes there is hatred, sometimes there is a desire in the heart. Hate is innumerable, sometimes there is sorrow, sometimes there is happiness.

کبھی غم کی آگ میں جل اٹھے
کبھی داغ دل نے جلا دیا
اے جنون عشق بتا ذرا
مجھے کیوں تماشا بنا دیا

What is Said in this Poem?

The poets are expressing their feelings in this poetry saying that Ishq-e-Yar has made them helpless. The heart is saddened by the separation of the beloved. The world seems to be a place full of sorrow and burning in the fire of loneliness and sorrow. In memory of his beloved, the poet has burned his heart like a candle. Complains that love tells me what to do Beloved’s separation will kill me I have crossed all limits at the end of a failed love I am a stranger to the world I don’t know. The fire of grief is burning inside me. You have made me a spectacle for people in my life.

شہادت ہے متلوب و مقصود مومن
نا مال غنیمت نہ کشور کشائی

What is Said in this Poem?

14 August 1947 Is The Most Important Festival Of Pakistan. Quaid-E-Azzam, Allama Iqbal And Many Others Muslim Leaders Work Hard For Pakistan. Muslim Leaders Struggle A lot. Quaid-E-Azzam Knew That Muslims And Indians Could Not Have Lived Together That is why Quaid-E-Azzam Decided To Make A Separate Country And Finally Quaid-E-Azzam Make A Separate Country Which Named Is Pakistan. In Pakistan, Muslims Give All Rights In This Country. Pakistan Is Not Only Made For Muslims, It Is Also Made For Every Nation Such As Christians, Indians And Many Other Nations.

Every Nation Gives All Rights In Pakistan. People Celebrate This Day With Many Happiness And Fly The Flags. This Day Celebrates Every Year In 14 August. People Wear Green And White Clothes This Day And Many People Go To Tomb Of Quaid-E-Azzam And Enjoy A lot. Pakistan Is The Basic Of Islamic Principles And Islamic Rules.

میری طلب تھا ایک شخص وہ جو نہیں ملا تو پھر

ہاتھ دعا سے یوں گرا بھول گیا سوال بھی

What Said in this Poem

Sometimes when someone sees us. They think we have achieved everything in our life. We have all the success, they look at our life with longing eyes. But have you ever felt that you have something in your life that you have missed so much despite everything you have? Now it can be a lack of anything. It has been observed that such a lack is only due to the relationships that are very close to you. And if for any reason those relationships go away from you.

Sad Reality

You keep yourself very busy in your life. But you can never erase their memories from your heart and mind. To get rid of these memories, we get so busy in life that we have there is no time left for things. But we forget, ignoring the fact that memories cannot be chased away. We can’t forget the memories even if we want to. We keep ourselves busy all day long.

Because of those memories, tears in the eyes come when the person feels severe lack. Every moment we remember how desperately we wanted a person, we cry for him at night and ask that person in our prayers. Forgetting all things, we only wanted this person, but when we did not get it, we forgot to ask for prayers from then on. Sometimes that one person is our whole life and when we don’t get that person then his loss becomes a part of our life.

چلنے کا حوصلہ نہیں رکنا محال کر دیا

عشق کے اس سفر نے تو مجھ کو نڈھال کر

What Said in this Poem

When we talk about love relationship, if we look at love relationship with parents is different, love relationship with siblings is different, then love relationship with friends is also different, similar to other human beings the love relationship with is different. And now when it comes to life partner, our love relationship is very different from that.

When you like a person, you seems to like your heart already like him. Even though you don’t want to, but you think only about him. Sometimes you express your feelings, sometimes you can’t. But one thing is for sure, this feeling is getting stronger day by day. And that person is always riding on your heart and mind. And when you fall in love with that person, you don’t even know it. Now if you find the person you love then you consider yourself very lucky. And why don’t you think that not everyone gets his love. Happy are those who find their love. The person you truly love. You can’t imagine your life without him, your life would be impossible. And you don’t want to live without him. You can’t imagine your life without him. Whom you want to make your life partner.

آواز میں ٹھہراؤ تھا ، آنکھوں میں نمی تھی

اور کہہ رہا تھا میں نے سب کچھ بھلا دیا

What Said in this Poem

How strange are these relationships too. Not even with whom he shares all his things. When we come into a relationship, then we like everything very much. But when that relationship is coming to an end, when the person we’ve been thinking about spending our whole lives with is leaving, and we become so compelled and helpless that we can’t it stops. Now whatever the reason,

let’s take an example: your family doesn’t want you to marry the person you like. And your parents want you to marry the person your parents like. In that case, whether it is a boy or a girl, they obey their parents and end their relationship there and bury their love somewhere far away. But for the sake of their parents, they sacrifice their love. And they do not express their grief in front of their parents. Because they want their parents should not think that they are doing all this by force. Now if the parents ask them, they hide their sadness and say with tears in their eyes that I forgot everything.

جہاں سوال کے بدلے سوال ہوتا ہے

وہاں سے محبتوں کا زوال ہوتا ہے

کسی کو اپنا بنانا ہنر ہی سہی

کسی کا بن کے رہنا کمال ہوتا ہے

What said in this Poem?

In this poem, Parveen Shakir says about love that if a lover starts doubting his lover and considers her love as trivial and starts asking her questions about infidelity. Then love ends there, because of a combination of questions. Instead of proving his infidelity, the lover accuses him of infidelity in love and starts asking questions about infidelity. Then as a result love falls, ie love has no value. So there is a pure relationship and if those who love it slander it. Then it does not remain love but it causes separation and love falls.

But people started trying love as a game. It is not only perfection to keep one’s love or to keep it as one’s own. But it is perfect to be in love. It is perfect to keep love. Respect is wonderful. Do not trample love underfoot, but be crowned with love. Love is the great thing that the people of earlier times adopted and fulfilled love and did not give up on love. Serve love, raise love and be the only one you love.

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