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Pollution must be eradicated, so we have to be a part of solution, not a part of pollution.

Ocean which occur approximately 70% on the surface of the earth. Fortunately ocean play a moderate role in the wealth and Health of the human beings. But unfortunately human are destroying the ocean.
According to the oceanographer and National oceanic and Atmospheric administration detected and announced that pollutants enter in our ocean. They have indicated its harmful for human being Even then trash of pounds in billions are entering in ocean every year.
These are various and harmful cause of ocean pollution effects that take us to combat. Sewage is also play a moderate role to contributes in ocean pollution. In some areas Manufacturing plants toxic waste release into the ocean, that include mercury as well as wastage, empty plastic bottles and garbage.
Oil spills also play a major role in contributing to sea pollution. When crude oil enters the sea, it’s very difficult to clean up. Ships are a major cause of spreading pollution in the sea through crude oil spills. Ocean pollution indirectly and directly affecting to marine life. It had several consequence that affect as well as humans. Whenever common victims of ocean pollution are sea animals. Marine animals are suffocated and ensnare cause of oil spills .It is permeating their gills. They don’t feed their young. They don’t be able to fly. When sea birds get oil into feathers.
For GOD sake we have to change our behavior. Seabirds are suffering from cancer. Marine animals are most vulnerable to terrible from plastic waste in the ocean that include in fishes, turtles, dolphins, crabs, and sharks and seabirds also.
Exactly, debris in the sea degrades slowly over several years. It becomes the cause of death for marine animals as they experience low levels of oxygen. This is due to plastic waste in the sea. It produces nitrogen and phosphorus in the sea, which are major causes of oxygen depletion. Eventually, it will become a dead zone where no more sea animals can survive. Whenever unfortunately pollution of ocean actually back to in humans. Eventually that sea food we eat toxins are contaminated in animals that get deposited by seafood in human tissues. It can lead critical conditions birth defects and cause of cancer.
So that we should avoid contaminating our seas with pollution. We have to reduce sea pollution, such as wastage and chemical fertilizers, which tend to be lowest in nutrients. Throw away straws, plastic bottles, and utensils that are massive polluters in the sea. We have to organize socially distanced clean-up events at the beach. We can help reduce the huge amount of sea pollution by preventing waste from going into our seas.

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