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دل میں خدا کا ہونا لازمی ہے اقبال
سجدوں میں پڑے رہنے سے جنت نہیں ملتی

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Our Intention:

Allama Iqbal Deeds depend on intention. We prayer But if that worship is not for Allah, then what is the use of such prayer? When it comes to fulfilling a duty, let us perform the duty and our intention is not purely for Allah, then for whom? Who has imposed certain things on us? If we do not perform these duties for the sake of Allah, then for whom do we perform them? Aren’t our worships purely for our God? If not, why not? What is the intention? Is there no fear of God in our hearts now? Has the fear of Allah disappeared from our hearts? Do we offer our prayers just to show people? People think we are good so we prostrate? If this is the case, then it is called hypocrisy !! And the status of hypocrites in hell is lower than that of the disbelievers.

If we pray so that people will think we’re so good. If the purpose of prostrations is to be good in the eyes of the people, then such prostrations will not lead to paradise. Then if we think that we will go to heaven because of our prostrations, yes we think wrong !!! Fear of God from the heart and our pretense will take us to hell, not heaven.

Fear Of God

Not only if our prostrations are for Allah but there is no fear of God in the heart. We do all the things that are forbidden by Allah, we work against the Shariah, so what is the use of our prostrations? By killing someone unjustly, by drinking alcohol, by disobeying parents, Doing something that will make people sad, by oppressing and abusing, by killing the rights of the people, by committing adultery, by slandering, etc., and also by the prohibition of Allah. By working, many are inclined towards these sins and remain in prostration, then these prostrations will be of no use. Just as it is necessary to have an intention for deeds, so it is very important for prostrations, for worships, to have fear of God in the heart.

Allama Iqbal said: دل میں خدا کا ہونا لازمی ہے اقبال سجدوں میں پڑے رہنے سے جنت نہیں ملتی


Allama Iqbal has said this in clear words in his poem. What if there is no fear of Allah in our hearts then our prostrations are of no use, and if we lie in prostrations and think that we will go to paradise, then we are wrong. This will never happen. Because unless we have the fear of Allah in our hearts, our prostrations are of no use.

کھول آنکھ ،زمین دیکھ،فلک دیکھ،فضا دیکھ مشرق سے نکلتے ہوئے سورج کو ذرا

Often there are ups and downs in our lives. Life goes on as usual. Many things happen that we don’t even know about, nor do we expect these things. We give up but We forget that after the darkness of night is the wonderful morning. If there is darkness in life then tomorrow will be light. Sunset does not mean fall but the beginning of a new dawn.

If we look around us, we will find many things with which we can eliminate our negativity. Considering this poem of Allama Iqbal, if we open our eyes and focus the things which they around us. We will see. A land that used to be barren is no longer barren but is now called lush land.How the seasons change. How it rains after the scorching heat. How the sun sets and then the sun rises from the east. The fact that the sun sets does not mean that it will never rise again, but rather that the sun rises every day with a new ray.. Let us not be discouraged by it but wait for our good times and welcome them with joy.