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After the flood those who are being survived don’t avert those eyes, while they should help those who are being survived because of the flood

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Frequent inundations of agricultural land and human settlements have serious consequences for the national economy and society.
Millions of people are rendered homeless and are also washed down along with their cattle in flood water. The flood damaged the physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and human settlements. After floods, most diseases like cholera, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and other waterborne diseases spread in the affected areas. The inundation of land and human settlement by the rise of water in the channels and its spillover presents the condition of flooding. River flooding is one of mankind’s worst enemies. Whenever the river floods due to heavy rain, Floods occur commonly when the water in the form of surface runoff exceeds the carrying capacity of the river channels and streams and flows into the neighboring low-lying flood plains.

Flooding wreaks havoc on nearby land, leading to the loss of cattle, destruction of crops, and displacement of houses and household items in water. Storm surges also contribute to flooding. In 2010, a great flood affected all four provinces of Pakistan and caused massive destruction of life and property in the country. The government should construct flood protection, like embankments, in flood-prone areas. The government should be focused on the construction of dams and preventing flooding. We also should avoid afforestation and discourage major construction activities.

I like rainy days very much because they remind me of some special things. I feel relaxed by the sound of rain. When the rain comes to the earth, then the earth has created some music for those who want to listen.

The word monsoon’’ is an Arabic word that comes from the Arabic ord’. It means season. A major wind system that passes out the result of differential heating of sea and land

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