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The Journey of Education: Teachers Open Doors to Bittersweet Rewards

“Teacher can open the door but you must enter it yourself “

Teacher can open the door but you must enter it yourself


A teacher is an ideal for their students. At every stage of life, it is your teacher who push you to achieve your dreams. No matter how hard time it will be a teacher tries to motivate you and makes a aim of life and encourage you to chase the goal. How hard a teacher tries to motivate you.

If you don’t have the will, their efforts will be useless teachers open doors for students by motivating them but it all depends on the efforts of students.

Academic Growth:

Academic growth is very important. More academic records or trophies does not mean being successful in life but it surely means that you will have chances of being able to be a better person in life. Such are the efforts a teacher gives you. If the efforts are not returned from the students they can’t be succeed.

Provide Resources:

A teacher, know just exactly what your students want and then provide them with the best Sources that will fulfill the needs. These resources can be anything from additional study material to quizzes, activities and etc.


There are much things a teacher prepares students for the world. From teaching etiquettes to empathize, a teacher do it all the responsibility. Most students ideals their teachers and wish to walk in their guidance. Teachers prepared the students mentally and physically to their students so that they can enter the world and work and walk on by themselves.

All you need is to do put your study into practice. Now you may be imagineering. Why must you? Why you take chance and enter the door? Well for the starters, you must want to succeed in life and reach the destination that is the bestest for you. If you have any goals or aim in mind then you must pay heed to all the guidance of your teachers and then implement all in you footsteps. We all want to succeeded in our lives. And entering The Door will be the first step you take towards the success.

“The Roots Of Education Is Bitter But The Fruit Is Sweet” (Aristotle)

In education, motivation is advice children, young people’s and old people’s to center of attention their a key goal or results. Doing so, they are unworried by disturbance what the people talk about them. They are able to keep their key of goal during long time. Most of students are briefly motivated to their education or goal of key behavior. They take work inborn, they are hardworking to achieve goals and they respect their work. They are furnished to their own work and learning of journey.There are many ways to increase motivation in the education.

1-Develop Capacity

2-Get Goals

3-Get Talent

4-Plane For The Successeding

5-Change Behavior

Some students are attached in a subject or unit of work is some are talented. If teacher realize and motivate their to better learners. Some Students who unmotivated are unattached or disaffected, which can conduct to challenging their behavior. Then recommended thier students who achieve professional education who want a better education on on understanding of how to answer the children or young people’s. Education motivation is the best power that keeps children and young people’s to get their goal in future.

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